What is IMLive?

What is IMLive?

If you haven’t heard of IMLive yet, you’re not alone. Many companies have been unable to figure out how to use it to their advantage. There are people who find the free version, or even the pro version, to be inadequate. To be effective, your online business must be more than just a glorified chat room.


Well, thanks to the internet, we can take all of that training and practical experience to create such high-end product. With IMLive, we can make sales to our prospects over the web or via our mobile phones. In this way, the prospect can actually see and hear us, and you can start learning how to give them the information they need to make a decision.

As an additional benefit, you’ll be able to see the person you’re talking to with live chat as well. What’s more, if you don’t like what you’re hearing, you can cancel out the phone number or email address from your IMLive dashboard. This will make it less likely for your prospect to call, so you’ll save yourself valuable time and effort!

When you’re chatting in real time, you can ask them questions in real time. We can offer suggestions for changes, suggestions for new products, and tips for getting started or moving forward with your project. And you can ask questions about your company from your prospects in a completely online environment. All of these are available to you at any time with live chat.

So how do you get started? It’s a good idea to get your new account set up. You don’t want to use your free IMLive for something important, like filing taxes, so you may have to hire someone to set up your new account for you. You’ll be given the option to add people who need to chat with you, or you can choose to exclude those who don’t use IMLive.

Setup IMLive account

Setup IMLive account

We recommend getting your IMLive account setup right away. You should immediately apply for a free account, if you haven’t already done so. This gives you plenty of time to set up your new account before you need to use it. Your new account will be valid for three months, which means you won’t lose access to it.

After you’ve gotten your new account set up, you’ll want to add some people to your group. As soon as you do, you’ll start getting invitations to live chats. The more people you add, the faster your conversations are. So start adding people immediately, whether they know about IMLive or not. Get them signed up and then work to improve their chances of joining your group and getting you more people to chat with.

Now that you have added everyone to your group, you’ll want to use your live chat tool. When you’re participating in a live chat, your name will appear on your IMLive dashboard. Other IMLive members will see you as well, which will provide them with more opportunities to interact with you.

How to have fun using live chat?

How to have fun using live chat?

So when you’re using your live chat, use your name to start the conversation. Then, after you’ve completed your introduction, begin asking questions about your business. Keep it fun! You’ll have to have a positive, friendly tone in order to get people to listen and respond to you.

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to hear everyone who participates in your live chat. That’s okay, though. As you go along, you’ll learn to block out the names of people who are calling you to avoid interrupting you.

If you’ve ever used video chat before, you’ll also be able to use it in real time. All of the same tips you use for your video chat will work with live chat as well.

If you need help learning how to use your live chat, you can always contact IMLive support. to get a better understanding of how to get started with it. in a fast and effective manner.

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