Purchase of zero-rate official credit

A public sector borrower can obtain part of the financing of their real estate with a zero-interest loan. This credit is accessible under certain conditions and is reserved for borrowers wishing to access the property. However, can this type of financing be the subject of a loan repurchase?


The zero-rate loan: what is it? What are the conditions?

The zero-rate loan: what is it?  What are the conditions?

The zero-rate loan, also called the PTZ, is a loan granted under certain conditions to borrowers wishing to own their main residences. This credit does not fully finance his property but only a part, helping to obtain financing from his bank.

The advantage of the zero rate loan is that it does not hold interest rates, and can therefore be considered a reimbursable advance. In the event that a borrower benefits from a PTZ of $ 40,000, the latter will only have to pay these $ 40,000 plus the borrower insurance premiums.

To obtain this loan, the borrower must not have owned their principal residence during the last two years preceding the application for financing. The amount of the latter is limited according to the geographical area, the household income and the number of dependents.

Another advantage of this loan is that it is accessible to all, especially to borrowers of Public Employees wishing to purchase their main residence.


Can the PTZ be the subject of a grouping of credits?

grouping credits?

As part of a consolidation loan, the borrower has the opportunity to consolidate its PTZ with other loans. However, pooling your loan at zero rate will make you lose your most valuable advantage, that is, your zero interest rate.

The borrower can however carry out a grouping of credits comprising only his classic loans having a higher or lower rate, and leave the PTZ aside so that it keeps its advantages.

It is also to know that the PTZ is not an obstacle for the borrower who wishes to carry out an early repayment of his other loans having financed his real estate.

For a civil servant borrower, having recourse to a credit repurchase can allow to keep his PTZ and to reduce his other monthly payments in the long term and to have a simplified management of his financial situation.